“I think I deserve something beautiful.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert


This course is designed for everyone – everyone who loves food or wants to fall in love with food again. Everyone who is ready for a journey of self-love and respect – courageous to awaken all senses again in a time where keeping the balance in our daily life challenges us! Sometimes less is more – bringing our body, mind and soul during the four week cleanse back in absolute balance is an ultimate Detox goal which will be achieved in:

  • Following a nutritional plan assisted by guided informative weekly health Talks, 
  • Boosting the lymphatic system with weekly Yoga 
  • Reconnecting during meditations and a Hike 
  • Receiving a Foot Massage at the end of the Course & Discounted Personal Training 

                                                          Feel beautiful, powerful and refreshed all around.


Detox Manual & Food Chart & Day Food Journal

Health Talks & Feedback Session

Yoga & Guided Meditations

Foot Massage 


Herbal Supplements